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Jabal Thawr

Jabal Thawr (mount bull) located towards the south of Misfilah district of Makkah. This mountain is house of Cave Al-Thaur (cave of bull). It is higher than Jabal Al-Noor, having a height of 1405m.

This mount and cave have a very high significance in the history of Islam regarding the great migration of Prophet ﷺ towards Madina.

This great migration took place from Abu Bakr’s house in the darkness of night. When Prophet ﷺ and his beloved friend Abu Bakr reached this mountain they stayed in here for three consecutive nights. Abu Bakr entered first and cleaned the cave and stuffed the holes with cloth so that no insect or reptile can harm the Prophet ﷺ. While the Prophet ﷺ slept on Abu Bakr’s ﷺ lap his foot was covering a bare hole, suddenly something stung his feet and the pain got worse. When Prophet woke up he saw that Abu Bakar رضي الله عنه was in immense pain, he applied his spittle on the injury and it disappeared.

Here they were kept updated with the activities of Quraish by Abu Bakar’s son Abdullah; who along with his servant Amir Bin Fuhayra stayed close whole night and returned to Makkah early morning followed by Amir so as to not let Quraish know of their acts. Amir bin Fuhayra ; slave of Abu Bakr  grazed the goats nearby to provide fresh milk to Abu Bakr and Prophet ﷺ.

The day when Quraish reached the mountain, Allah summoned a spider to build its web on the mouth of the cave so as to make it look old and deserted, also a pigeon was summoned to build its nest on that spider web and lay some eggs in it.

When search team of the Quraish reached the mouth of cave, they stood so close that Abu Bakr on seeing them became a little stressed about Prophet ﷺ being found. The Prophet ﷺ reassured him,” How can you be apprehensive about two with whom is a third, especially when the third one is Allah?”

On finding spider’s web and a nest in it on the mouth of the cave, the Quraish concluded that the cave was deserted. This whole scene is described in detail in Quran’s Surah Tauba [9:40].

When three days passed and the information came that the Quraish have stopped searching and have left the cave, both men started their journey towards Yathrib (Madina).


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Jabal Thawr

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