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Maqbaratul Mala

Jannat-ul-Mua’ala (Garden of Mua’ala) or Maqbaratul Mala is a historical graveyard of Makkah City, located inside the valley, south-east to Masjid-e-Haram; also known as Al-Hajoun.

This cemetery has many burials from Prophet ﷺ family, ancestors and companions before migration of Madinah.

Following personalities out of many are as follows:

  1. Abd-Manaf :- He is the great-great grandfather of Prophet ﷺ
  2. Hashim :-  He is the great grandfather of Prophet ﷺ
  3. Abd-ul Muttalib :- He is the grandfather of Prophet ﷺ
  4. Aamina :- She is the Mother of Prophet ﷺ
  5. Khadija رضي الله عنها :-  She is the Wife  of Prophet ﷺ
  6. Abu Talib ibn Abd-ul Muttalib :- He is the Uncle of Prophetﷺ م and Father of Ali
  7. Qasim : – He is the eldest son of the Prophet ﷺ from his wife Khadija (R.A); he died in infancy.
  8. Abdullah :- He is the second son of the Prophet ﷺ from his wife Khadija (R.A); he was also known as Tahir and Tayyab.

Some of the other Muslims followers are also in this cemetery:

  1. Abu Turab al-Zahiri :- 20th-century Muslim Cleric
  2. Muhammad Alawi :- Sunni Muslim Cleric
  3. Sheikh Muhammad is buried there.
  4. Ibn Sheikh Muhammad :- He is Buried beside his father

After prophethood only two major people were buried here before migration to Madinah; Hazrat Khadija and Abu Talib. All the other followers or family members of Prophet ﷺ are in Baqee.

Before 1925 there were tombs marking the graves of higher ranking people in Jannat-ul Maua’ala and Jannat ul Baqi, these tombs were demolished by Saudi King, Ibn Saud. This demolishing of tombs was not only for jannat-ul-Maua’la and jannat-ul-baqi but every shrine was demolished. Many markings were restored but not as clear as in Jannat-ul-baqi.

This is a sacred place and a very respectable but just for reciting fateha for the Souls residing in there but no nawafil aur sujood should be practiced inside graveyard or towards graves.

Mua’ala is smaller in area than Baqi and is no longer open for common people mostly it is nowadays available for royal family or for the ones with wasiyat.

This place is now the only and lonely place that has witnessed the era before migration and early life of Prophet ﷺ.

This graveyard has all its surrounding areas as residential and commercial unlike Baqi as it has now entered the outer part of Grand Mosque.

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Maqbaratul Mala

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