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The significance of Zamzam well in Hajj

The Zamzam water often known as the sacred well of Abe Zamzam is located at a distance of 21 meters from Mecca near the Masjid al-Haram. Abezamazam is often consumed by a large number of Muslim pilgrims visiting Mecca for the practice of Hajj and Umrah. Abe Zamzam commemorates the thirst of the infant Ismail (son of Ibrahim and Hager) who craved for water but couldn’t get it unless Jibrael appeared and created a well of Zamzam. Hence, the well of Zamzam is linked to the famous personalities of 2000 B.C. The major miracle observed in this well is that though the well is only 5 feet deep, the water never ends here. It is often believed that Allah replenishes the water to produce gallons of water that is drank by thousands of pilgrims and is also taken in bottles to serve the people living in diverse corners of the world.

According to the scientific records and researchers, the water in a well and lakes are always prone to contamination by algae and other organisms. However, the fact that regarding the purity of the well of Zamzam astonishes the people as it always remains free from any harmful substances. History states that the well of Zamzam is existing and continuing its services to the people from an ancient era and has never dried instead it keeps on replenishing the water.  Apart from this, the taste of the Abezamzam has never altered since the water is free from biological growth of organisms and does not contain any hazardous chemicals that could have caused the odour issues in it.

One of the companions of Rasul Allah stated that the water of Zamzam was commonly known as Shabbaa’ah before the existence of Islam. At that time it was especially known for satisfying the thirst of thousands of people. The same properties of the well remained long-lasting.

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The significance of Zamzam well in Hajj

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