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Fasting three days in Mina

There are about thousands of pilgrims that used to visit Mecca, Saudi Arabia in the last month of Islamic calendar i.e., Dhul Hajj to practice the fifth Islamic pillar ‘Hajj’. It is often said that every man and woman pilgrim have to practice Hajj at least once in their life. Apart from it, many people visit Mecca throughout the year to perform Umrah. One of the major differences between Hajj and Umrah is the rites of Mina and so the sacrifice made in the concluding days of Hajj journey. This sacrifice is the slaughtering of an animal in the name of Almighty. The meat of the animal has to be distributed among the relatives, neighbours, and the poor and needy people. However, if the pilgrim can’t afford an animal or can’t find it then he has to held fast for at least three days i.e., the period when the pilgrim undergo the state of Ihram till the date when they reach the Pahar of Arafat (the place where pilgrims stand and pray to Allah to get rid of the entire sins they did in their past). Apart from it, the pilgrim has to make an intention of performing Hajj of Tamattu rather than Qiran.

If the pilgrims cannot manage to accomplishing the fasting in the days of Hajj then they have to practice the same at Mina. Apart from the three fast, pilgrims also have to practice the fasting for seven consecutive days after reaching their own land. However, if due to certain reasons pilgrim omits to hold the fasting in Mina then they have to fast for 10 days after leaving Mecca. Moreover, it is essential that the pilgrim maintain the fasting for the consecutive days.  Though it is not obligatory to follow the consecutive days it is considered as-Sunnah.

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Fasting three days in Mina

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