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What is the role of Mina in Hajj for Muslims?

Hajj is the most important pillar of Islam that every Muslim is necessitated to perform at least once in their lifetime. According to Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and other famous scholars, a person that successfully accomplish the Hajj rituals is said to erase the entire sins of his/her life. However, after completing the Hajj pilgrimage, practitioners have to follow the Islamic laws and a pious path. Mina is the popular spot sited at a distance of 5 kilometers from the sacred city ‘Mecca’. The city is commonly known as Tent city as it provides an accommodation to thousands of pilgrims visiting Mecca. There are around 100,000 air-conditioner rooms available in the palace which has the capability to accommodate more than 3 million of pilgrims. Jamarat Bridge, a valley located in Mecca is visited by all the pilgrims to follow the essential ritual of Hajj. This ritual involves hitting the devil by throwing stones and is practiced between the dawn and sunset during the conclusion period of Hajj.

This ritual is a commemoration of Ibrahim who threw stones on Shaitan when the same interrupted him to follow the command of Allah. Generally, Pilgrims take the seven circuits of Kaaba often known as Tawaf and then drink the consecrated water of Abe Zamzam. Usually, the Pilgrims visit Mina on the 8th or 10th day of Hajj pilgrimage where they are required to spend one night in the tent of Mina. Apart from this, the five times prayer during this visit is often considered as essentiality. Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said that the Salah must be practiced in Masjid of Khaif as it is believed that seventy Prophets worshipped Allah in the same mosque. Mina is the last ritual of Hajj and after the conclusion of the same, pilgrims are taken back to Mecca where they perform the farewell ‘Tawaf’ and went back to their respective countries.

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What is the role of Mina in Hajj?

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