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Masjidul Miqat in Madinah

Miqat in Arabic means “a stated place”. This a place from where people wear ihram when they are travelling from Madina towards Makkah with the intention of Umrah or Hajj. This Masjid has many names Zul Hulaifah, Masjid Shajarah, Abyar Ali and Al Muris. Zul hulaifah is the name that is mentioned in Hadees by the Prophet ﷺ himself.

This Masjid Miqat is found 7km outside Madinah in an area called Zul hulaifah, in Aqeeq Valley. This masjid has much significance; there is a well here that is supposedly either built by Hazrat Ali  or was the property of Hazrat Ali. This well is the reason due to which this Masjid is referred to as Bir Ali or Abar Ali.

It is also said that this is the place from where the Prophet ﷺ wore Ihram when he was going on the journey of umrah a year before Hajj; while his stay at this place he took shade under a tree present here; either for resting or for offering nawafil for Ihram niyat. This was the reason that this masjid is at times known as Masjid Shajarah.

This Masjid is a square shape building with area of 6000 sq.m, having two sets of galleries shaped as arches with long domes at a distance of 1000m2. The minaret of this mosque is uniquely shaped with a square bottom and a round top in a diagonal shape acquiring the height of 64m.

The facilities of the mosque include a large ablution area with washrooms and ihram wearing area and a large parking lot. This Masjid can accommodate 5000 persons at a time. For the ease of pilgrims many shops and stalls are also setup to provide all sorts of items important for ihram and umrah, including male and female ihram, tasbeehat, books etc.

The other meeqat Masjid for the people coming from any other side apart from Madina are:

      1. Juhfah, for Syria
      2. Qarnu ‘l-Manāzil, for those coming from Najd
      3. Yalamlam, for Yemen
      4. Thaneim, for Mecca

Zāt-i-‘Irq, for ‘Iraq

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Masjidul Miqat in Madinah

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