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Miracle #2: ‘Sugar Gel’ helps premature babies

Abu Musa had a child and he conveyed him to the Prophet ﷺ, and he ﷺ named him Ibrahim. He chewed up a date and offered it to him (rubbing a bit of it onto the the roof of the mouth of the child) and made supplication for him to be honoured and afterward gave him back to me.

Over 1400 years ago whenever a new child was brought to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, he would chew a date until it was soft and then rub a piece of it onto the palate of the baby. This Sunnah (prophetic practice) is called Tahneek. It has now been discovered this Sunnah protects premature babies from brain damage. [1] The word Tehneek means to put something sweet in the child’s mouth when he/she is born.

the technique on tahneek not only combats brain damage but also gets the baby ready for breastfeeding

Now, modern science has discovered that giving a child a sugar dose is an effective way to combat from brain damage in premature babies. Severely low blood sugar affects about one in ten babies who are born prematurely. If this is untreated, it can cause permanent harm. Researchers from New Zealand tested this therapy and based on the results they have suggested that this should now be a first-line treatment. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ informed about this fact in a time where there were no medical facilities to discover this cure thus indeed a miracle.

In the newborn babies who weigh more than 2kg, the level of sugar in their blood is usually above 30mg. This level of blood sugar is regarded as very low and in many cases would lead to symptoms that in the end would result in brain damage.

Now when we analyze this act of the Prophet ﷺ that he would rub the dates inside the mouths of the newborn after taking it out from his mouth. There was wisdom behind the softened date that was mixed with his blessed saliva. Dates contain the abundant amount of glucose mainly diluted with saliva thus enabling the infant to benefit from this.

The sweet taste of date has a calming reaction which can help to serene a crying baby before a nourishing. As a matter of fact, the sweet taste can prompt a very sleepy baby who is hard to wake. As finger of the one doing the tahneek is brought to the infant’s mouth, the nose and sucking, reactions will be excited. The baby will taste and suck the bit of date, rising a blood flow to the mouth and handling the muscles. He will also be using all those skills when he breastfeeds.

So, this gives the baby little practice before he is brought to mother’s breast for a feeding. This is again a miracle as the technique on tahneek not only combats brain damage but also gets the baby ready for breastfeeding without the use of modern medical equipment and practices.

In these modern times, tahneek is often forgotten sunnah when introducing a new Muslim child into the world. However, the Ummah should revive this sunnah practice which has many benefits spiritually and physically. The method has been recorded in the Sunnah book 1400 years ago; Science is just catching up.



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Miracle #2: 'Sugar Gel' helps premature babies

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