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Obligatory Hajj and what are the conditions

The literal meaning of Hajj is to perform an activity once or more than once in the lifetime. As per the technical meaning, Hajj refers to the state of undergoing Ihram, taking Tawaf, Sa’I, Dhabiha, and other essential rituals. In order to practice an obligatory Hajj, a pilgrim must meet the preconditions mentioned in Hadith and Holy book Quran. The first condition is ‘Islam’ which states that only the person that believes Islam, follow the rites of Islam, and worship no Lord other than Allah is termed as Islamic follower. According to the precondition of Hajj, only these people are permitted to perform Hajj. Another condition is ‘sanity’ as per which Hajj performed by the pilgrims that are of sound mind is acceptable. Although the Muslims suffering from insanity and other medical illness can practice Haj, the same would not be considered as an obligatory Hajj that every person has to perform at least once in their life.

The preconditions also involve adulthood, freedom, and ability to practice Hajj. These are the crucial aspects which must be considered before opting for a Hajj pilgrimage. Apart from these conditions, Hajj pilgrims must have secure path, adequate and basic provisions to go to Mecca, and must have a good health status. Hajj is not considered for a person fearing for his/ her life, property, belongings, and other factors while moving for the journey. Also, a pilgrim must be able to physically walk and ride to reach the spot. However, if the person is blind and gets a guide who direct and lead him then Hajj is termed to be obliged for this pilgrim.

Health is one of the major factors that must be taken into consideration while preferring Hajj. Even though if a person is sick and finds a guide, the Hajj is not obliged to him unless he is fit for the journey.

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Obligatory Hajj and what are the conditions

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