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Birth Place of The Prophet Mohammad

While visiting historic, sacred places of Makkah, one should not forget about the birthplace of our Prophet ﷺ. The birth of Prophet Mohammad ﷺ is a miracle which influenced the entire mankind, not only Muslims but even a large number of non-Muslims also regards him as the supreme example for mankind, Michael H.Hart, the author of the book, The 100: “A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History”, described Prophet ﷺ in these words:

Birth of Prophet Mohammad ﷺ and his infancy has many miracle and significances, some are:

  • Our prophet was born Orphan, his father Abdullah went on a trading expedition to Syria, then on return stayed in Yathrib (Madinah). Here he became ill and couldn’t survive. He is buried in Madinah
  • When Aaminah- mother of prophet; was pregnant she saw a dream in which a light was emerging from her and was covering to many areas of Syria.
  • Shifa bint Umer – mother of Abdur Rahman ibn Auf  was our prophet’s midwife. He was named Mohammad (who is praised) by His grandfather Abdul Muttalib. According to Arab tradition the baby’s head was shaved and a feast was announced. Abdul Muttalib was asked about the name not being in terms with forefathers, he answered, “It is because I have a longing that my grandson should be praised and commended by one and all in the world.”
  • Prophet Mohammad has been nursed by his mother in early days, and then by his father’s slave Umme Ayman, her real name was Barakah. She was an Ethiopian, she embraced Islam and migrated to Madinah. She died six months after prophet’s death.
  • He was then nursed by Thuwaybah, slave of Abu Lahab, who was at that time nursing her own child, Masrooh, as well Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib and Abu Salamah bin Abdul Makhzumi – these men were foster brothers of Prophet Mohammad ﷺ; for seven days. On eight day he was entrusted to Haleemah Sadia of Banu Sa’ad to be brought up in desert.

Abu al-Walid al-Azraqi (d. 250 H.E.) in his book mentions of the locations in which it is commendable to pray in Makkah and what lies therein of the relics of the Prophet ﷺ and what is venerable from them cites:

The Prophet ﷺ was born in the house of Muhammad bin Yusuf who is the brother of al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf, it was later changed to a place of worship which is now called the Birthplace of the Prophet ﷺ.

When in Madinah the demolishing of shrines was done, the rooms used by Prophet were also demolished. This was opposed by many including Saeed bin Naseer who thought that these rooms should have left in their original state so the future generations can take inspiration.

The birthplace is considered one of the last relics from the Prophet’s life remaining in Mecca.

Muslims make great efforts in preserving even tiny details about the life of our Prophet ﷺ. Recording his sayings and actions, his biography and even his family tree can be traced up.

The birthplace of Prophet was Converted from Masjid to library in the era of King Abdul Aziz who converted the house of Khadija in a school and Birthplace of Prophet ﷺ in to a library for knowledge seekers and is now known as Maktaba Makkah tul Mukarrama. It is also known as Bayt al Mawlid.

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Birth Place of The Prophet Mohammad

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