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Hajj Opportunities for British Citizen

The United Kingdom has more than 3 million Muslims, making Islam the second largest religion there. Islam is spreading quickly and there are more than 5000 conversions every year, meaning that the Muslim population grows 10 times as fast as the non-Muslim population. Muslims immigrated from North Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia since the 16th century, but the majority of Muslim immigrants are currently from Pakistan or Bangladesh. Within the sub-sects of Islam, there is a majority in the Sunni sect and minorities in the Shia sect.

As the number of Muslims increases every year, more and more organizations such as Al-Haram Travels and Eaalim Travel cater specifically to British citizens and residents when it comes to Hajj and Umrah. Why wouldn’t they? They have a customer base of over 3 million people ensuring that at least thousands of Muslims will avail their Hajj and Umrah packages each year. This is why they also have separate Hajj and Umrah Agents in the UK.

Hajj and Umrah are very important pilgrimages to be performed by every Muslim man and woman; and since visa applications and airplane tickets can be hard to manage and afford people turn to Hajj Umrah Travel Agents. The foreign or Arabian organizations take over the entire responsibility of managing your pilgrimage leaving you with nothing to worry about. Even if you have never performed Hajj or Umrah before you can opt for a tour package to guide you through the pilgrimage. Afterwards, you can also choose to stay longer and roam the cities of Makkah and Madina to learn more about Islamic culture and history. If you decide to travel with your family or larger groups you will also receive many discounts making the entire journey much more affordable for you.

Once you have chosen the package that suits you best all you need to do is read up on Hajj and how to perform it so that when you arrive at the House of Allah you aren’t too overwhelmed to remember what you are there to do. Pray by the Kaabah and make a dua for your forgiveness and for His mercy, and with that let your soul be cleansed; but do not, under any circumstance, let this experience be tarnished by worrying about money, accommodation and travel. Once you reach Makkah you should unite with your millions of Muslim brothers and sisters to pray and worship Allah.

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Hajj Opportunities for British Citizen

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