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Martyrs of Uhud

After the embarrassing annihilation in Battle of Badr, Quraish of Makkah were exceptionally irate and right away they began anticipating another assault. Right after 13 months of Badr in Shawwal, 3AH, with a huge army they attacked Muslims in Battle of Uhud.

This battle was the result of defeat and also because Abi Sufyan lost his son in Battle of Badr, who was killed by Hamza  uncle of Prophet (PBUH). Hind, wife of Abu Sufyan was very angry and was burning with fire of revenge.

One day news came to Prophet (ﷺ) that Quraish are arranging an assault on madinah with armed force of 3000 men with 300 camels, 200 stallions and 700 layers of mail. A female wing headed by Hind, wife of Abu Sufyan.

About 1000 Muslim men left Madinah for meeting their in the valley of uhud. While on their way Prophet got the news that Abd’Allah bin Ubayy, the chief of khazraj tribe, has retreated his army and is now not supporting in the battle.Now numbering 700 Muslim men reached the valley of uhud ahead of Quraish and they were assemble such that mount uhud was on their back, and 50 archers under Abdullah bin Jubair were positioned on hill and strictly instructed not to move in any condition. Prophet was commander in chief with Zubair bin al-Awwam and Mundhir bin Amr were in charge of left and right wing.

The Muslim soldier attacked on the 11 standard bearers of pagans and wiped them. Abu Dujanah and Hamza were in main attack, but unfortunately Hamza was killed by Wehshi. Despite this loss Muslims continue with great courage and managed to overcome them. The pagan started to retire, seeing that the archers thought the fight was, and left their positions.

This vacuum on the hill was noticed by Khalid bin Waleed and he took his men and attacked again. This was now a close fight and Muslims got surrounded which created chaos and panic.

This resulted in many losses, Prophet ﷺ got hurt, fell on his side and chipped his tooth also hurting his lower lip, helmet got damaged that created bleeding. Musa’b bin Umair got Killed, since he resembled Prophet, rumour got up that pagans have slain Prophet ﷺ. This rumour increased the panic in Muslims some retired and some fought when Ka’ab bin Malik saw Prophet ﷺ covered in Blood and announced that prophet is alive.

Prophet ﷺ asked the Muslims to retire the field as a decision of wisdom, in order to avoid any more loss and to save them. Muslim victory turned into a mishap due to disobedience.

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Martyrs of Uhud

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