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Performing Ghusl and reciting Talbiyah

Once the pilgrim makes an intention of accessing the state of Ihram, the Muslim men must take a shower, often known as Ghusl to proceed. The same rule is applicable to the woman even if she is dealing with her menstrual period during the days of Hajj. According to the Tirmidhi, Prophet Mohammed always used to perform Ghusl while entering the state of Ihram. Although it is voluntary to take a shower for the entire pilgrims, there is no sacrifice necessitated if the pilgrim skips the same intentionally or due to forgetfulness. The similar regulations regarding the rest Ghusl in Hajj are applicable. As per the Islamic history and records, the famous scholars said that performing a Ghusl, clipping the nails, and shaving the intimate parts of the body are considered to be the significant factors of Ihram. However, the men should avoid shaving the beards unless they successfully accomplish the Hajj rites and trim it after sacrificing an animal.

Pilgrims are also needed to take a Ghusl for entering Mecca for the very first time. However, in this case, the menstruating women should not opt for a Ghusl. After this, the pilgrim has to recite and chant Talbiyah every after finishing the five times Namaaz and prayer. They also recite Talbiyah while waking up in the morning and uniting with their travel companions. Besides the prayer time and travelling, pilgrims must recite it after reaching the high and essential spots. Men should pronounce Talbiyah at a medium voice whereas the women should utter the same in a low voice so that the Non-Mahram men are unable to hear it. At the same time, it is recommended to avoid the excess and constant recitation.

The Talbiyah has to be terminated while commencing the Tawaf around Kaaba and Sa’i. The pilgrims can restart it only after arriving at Arafah.

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Performing Ghusl and reciting Talbiyah

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