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What are the regulations for women in Ihram?

When the Muslim women desire to opt for the state of women in Ihram during the Hajj pilgrimage, there are certain rules that are obligatory to follow. One of such rules states that a woman in the condition of Ihram is not permitted to either comb her hair or brush the same unnecessarily. This is because combing the hair forcefully may lead to hair fall which is considered as a major prohibition during Hajj. According to the books of Fiqh, scratching the hair gently using the fingers is permissible unless it causes hair loss. Some women often tie up the hair firmly that they do not open the same until they come out of the Ihram state.

However, the beliefs of the famous scholar i.e., Shaykh Salah As-Saawee differs in terms of permissibility and Islamic laws regarding head scratching during women in Ihram. As per his belief, this hardship is not mentioned or necessitated by ‘Shariah’ rather the dead hairs that results due to tight scratching is a natural phenomenon.

The women in Ihram are permitted to wear the attire of her choice however, the outfit should not be too tight, transparent, short i.e., expose hands or legs rather it should be appropriate with loose-fitting, wide, and thick. Ibn al-Mundhir mentioned in al-Mughni that there is no specific colour for women to wear. However, women must opt for dark colours like green, black, dark blue, and etc. apart from the colours, women are also allowed to carry on shirts, vests, baggy trousers, leather socks, Khimaars, and much more. Moreover, Prophet Mohammed ﷺ clarified that there are no restrictions on women regarding covering her face instead women must not cover her face and wear gloves in the hands during Hajj pilgrimage. in case if the women still wish to cover her face, she is permitted for the same.

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What are the regulations for women in the state of Ihram?

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